Youth Apprenticeship Program Bears Fruit at Austal

Youth Apprenticeship Program Bears Fruit at Austal
MCPSS students graduate with job offers from Austal | Image by

Fifteen recent graduates of the Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS) have been hired at Austal, NBC 15 reported. Christina Sashington of Davidson High School, who is now a trade assistant at the company, was interviewed. Among students who were part of a youth apprenticeship program at Austal, Mobile’s largest manufacturing employer, she was part of the two-thirds of participants offered full-time positions upon graduation. Now welding on the job, she said, “Some of my classmates are struggling right now to get jobs since COVID-19 came out, and everyone’s closing down and everything, but I’m really enjoying it.” Austal Diversity Manager Napoleon Bracy added, “These students are 18 years old; they have very competitive wages [at $15.10 an hour]; they’re full-time Austal employees with full-time benefits; they’re a part of the Austal family; they have the same benefits that all of us have that work here; and it’s just a great opportunity for them.” “It’s a very rigorous and competitive process, so all of these students went through an application process and then a competitive interview process through Austal,” according to MCPSS Career Technical Education Supervisor Danielle Booth.

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