Deuce Drone to Begin Flights In May

Deuce Drone to Begin Flights In May
Photo courtesy by Mike Kittrell via Business Alabama

Last-mile package delivery startup Deuce Drone LLC has set May for a “VIP launch,” reports. The company’s first phase of commercial operation will connect customers in the BB&T Centre, north of Dauphin Street on the west I-65 Service Road in Mobile, with businesses in the Legacy Village shopping center, off the northwest corner of the intersection. Regular service is to start in the next 30 days. Hoping for synergy with the gradual return of workers to office spaces, the first phase is expected to “establish daily and weekly lunch delivery service for revenue, while allowing us to validate and improve key aspects of our business technology,” CEO Rhett Ross said. The drones will initially be loaded by Deuce Drone employees, but the company plans to create and install “DronePorts” to automate loading, charging and launching. It has also developed an app for customers to place orders. Its drones have a maximum takeoff weight of 26 lb, allowing for 5-10 lb of cargo. The news follows Ret. Brig. General, U.S. Air Force Ed Fienga’s joining the company as its chief operating officer (Deuce Drone Hires Chief Operating Officer).

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